Waldorf Valentine Envelope-Make Your Own!



Part 1: Making the water color paper


Watercolor paper (8x10 or larger)

Watercolor paint (we used liquid water colors)

Sponge (for cleanup)

Pain- brushes

Creative Play with Playsilks


 Many times when my kids were small we would find ourselves in a park, hotel, restaurant or airplane when suddenly they would need a simple prop for pretending.

Our dear friend Torii most often requested a baby. I got good at wrapping up a playsilk in such a way that she could cradle it, love it and imagine it was her real baby.

My sons more often wanted an animal, or a throwing toy. We learned to tie silks into little animals for floor play and shooting stars to throw in hotel rooms.

Rubber Stamping on Playsilks



Make Your Own Sachet Gifts


Each year we make gifts to give to special friends, grandparents, and teachers. One of the easy and fun ones is making sachets.


Here is what you need:

Make Your Own Rainbow Dollhouse or Tipi



A little dollhouse or tipi is a wonderful gift! This one is easy to make yourself and can be taken down to store when not in use.

We use ours on our nature table and change the silks to go with the seasons.

You will need:

DIY Fairy Mobile


Imagine looking up and seeing a sky full of fairies hovering above you. These are the things that spark a child's imagination. It's so easy to make your very own fairy mobile. This project is great to do with children ages 4-10 or for a friend who's expecting. What a great baby shower gift it would make!

Here's what you need: