We all know how important play is in child development. More and more large companies, educators and scientifically-minded adults are realizing that a childhood sense of wonder is vital to be imaginative, creative and ultimately successful adults. This sense of wonder and creativity is enhanced by play!

I love this definition of play from the American Journal of Play:

1. intrinsically rewarding

2. Emotionally rich

3. Inspiring

4. Spiritually elevating

Silk Scapes


Things to do with your silk scape:


Hang one up!  Three dowels suspended with ribbons make a nice drape for an outdoor fort or over a child's bed.

We sell the dowel set now here.

Perform some puppet shows!


Outdoor Play and Travel Toys


For summer travel, beach trips, and even restaurant visits it is nice to take along a toy or two that pack small and can be used in many creative ways.

Some of our lightweight  favorites to pack and play with in hotels, friends houses and public places are:

Playsilks at the beach

Keeping the Joy in Work and Play


Many of us, as adults, have a strong feeling of separation between our work and play. Work may be thought of as a more dreaded must-do activity; play something we do on our weekends and free time.  By incorporating the essense of creative play into our work we are happier and more productive people. Putting more of ourselves into each task we do is more fullfilling and soul affirming. Which brings more joy into our lives.

Colors of the Day


 Steiner talked about rhythm of our days and weeks as being important for growth and developement. He also beilieved that color corresponds with our "feeling" life.

A lovely way to have  rhythm in our lives is to observe and perhaps implement a "color of the day" as is done in Waldorf early childhood settings.

The days go like this:

Monday is purple.

Tuesday is red.

String Games~DIY


We love doing string figures!  Strings are easy to carry around in a pocket or a purse. They impress and often engage grandparents and friends who remember doing them in their childhoods. Doing activities like string figures and origami has been shown to grow neural pathways in the brain.


Fewer Toys=More Engaged Play


"If the child is protected from a lot of hustle and bustle, her natural impulse to be content with less can grow as a habit pattern for life."~Nancy Blanning. On Little Children and Simplicity.

The Glow