The Story of Sarah's Silks



Our toys are designed by Sarah in Forestville, CA. You can see her oldest son Josh hard at work making string games here.

We have raised our own silk cocoons here which is a highly recommended project if you have Mulberry trees. Here is an article about how to.


Waldorf Toys ~ Shop Local


 I love to visit towns and browse in the shops, don't you?  This holiday season I plan to buy locally as much as possible. The experience of seeing and touching items is important to me. It is also nice to get out into the world and visit with a shop keeper and possibly meet up with some friends. Small shops need our support. They provide a valuable opportunity for us, to see their carefully chosen collections. To help support them, it makes sense to spend locally!

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas


Whether it's a cape, skirt, belt or tunic making your own costume is easy with playsilks. Follow your child's lead, use what you have on hand, and have fun!




Josh (string game and cotton cloth maker), Sarah (multi-tasker, designer), Morgan (product tester), Noah (scholar), Mike (operations manager), Talulah (puppy)

This has been a summer of change for us, and bittersweet.

Our son Noah has gone to college in Walla Walla, WA. And do we ever miss him. Before he left we all wrapped up in a giant starry night scape for a rare family photo.

Shopping with Integrity


"By choosing what we spend our money on we actually effect what gets made."

~ my son Noah, recent Waldorf graduate, who took an economics class this semester.

It is true that one way to make our lives more meaningful is to shop with integrity. We can feel good about the things we buy and who we buy them from by making careful and thoughtful choices about the items and foods we bring into our homes.

More Than Gift Wrap - Furoshiki is an Artful, Sustainable Gift in Itself


How can we present gifts to our loved ones in a way that signifies the deeper meanings behind the act of giving? What could symbolize a honoring of the work involved in crafting or purchasing a special item? Is there a material that could cover a treasure and allow the gift recipient the added delight of unwrapping a surprise?

Green Halloween®!


►Consider creating a Halloween costume with your child this year! It's easy to do with playsilks.

They are versatile, eco-friendly, and demand imagination.

Here are some ideas:

make fairy wings, a superheroe cape, princess dress, head veil, pirate cape and belt,

over your head to be a ghost, and we have seen many a rainbow princess at our Waldorf school's Sprite's Night celebration.

How Silk is Made



Here is a link to a good place to buy some silk worm eggs. It is a very fun project to do with kids, at home or in a classroom. If you don't have any Mulberry trees nearby you should order some mulberry mash from these people too.

Here are some of our silk worms, cocoons, and moths:

Silkworms and Mulberry Trees


In early spring, thousands of families in rural China are trekking into fields to strip the last mulberry leaves from the trees. Mulberry leaves are the only leaves that silkworms will eat. The leaves must be fresh as silkworms will not drink water and the leaves supply all the moisture they need. By the end of April, silkworm trays fill homes.  The silkworms are at their largest and their appetite is truly immense.