Enchanted Playsilks

enchanted playsilks
enchanted playsilksplaysilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilksenchanted playsilks

New!  Beautifully blended colors on our best selling 35" square playsilks. 

These enchanted playsilks will be used for so many things and will be well loved.  We see children use them as water on which to sail a wooden boat, fire on the floor to pretend to cook on, tied on as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky, and much more.

Now available in 5 color combinations:


starry night~silk screened golden stars on dark blue

blossom~pink and lavender blend

Starry Night Playsilk

starry night playsilk
silk play scarveswaldorf toysstarry night playsilk

Playsilk in a dark night sky with silk screened moon, stars and planets.

35" square. Versatile and fun!

For your little wizard, astronaut, and much more.

Add our starry night playsilk to your collection.

Rainbow Playsilk

rainbow playsilk
rainbow playsilkrainbow playsilk

Beautiful, soft rainbow colors hand dyed onto a 35" square. Our most popular playsilk.

Makes a special birthday gift. Wrap a gift in one!

Children will find 100's of uses for playsilks.

Hand wash, hang dry, iron on medium to restore shine.

Pocket Playsilks

pocket playsilks
pocket playsilkspocket playsilkspocket playsilkspocket playsilkspocket playsilkspocket playsilks

Now on sale for $10!   Pockets are magical and exciting. They can be used in so many ways. Like for tooth fairy exchanges, belts to hold on swords, dolly slings and more.



Here are some more ideas our kids found:

Giant Silk Scapes

rainbow scape
star scapesilk scapesilk scapesilk scapestar scapestar scapesilk scapesilk scapesilk scape

Rainbow~the whole rainbow

Starry Night~silk screened gold stars on dark blue 

Blossom~ pink and lavender blend

Fire~ red and orange blend

Sea~ blue and turquoise blend

Be a rainbow princess, star genie and much more!

At nine feet long and three feet wide, our scapes are fun for everyone.

Make a:



Small playsilks just right for little hands!


Here are some ways we see little ones play with them:

  • As doll house rugs and blankets
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Green for a cow's grass
  • Blue as a lake to sail a boat on
  • In a pot to stir as soup
  • Dance classes to wave around to the music
  • Tie a pouch
  • As a tablecloth
  • Wrap a little present

and so much more...

Hand wash, hang dry.


playsilkssarahs silksplaysilksrainbow playsilkstar playsilkplaysilksplaysilks

 Our "best" toy of the year! Inspired by children at play at our local Waldorf school.

Playsilks require parents and kids to use their imaginations to "create" and when the little one's change their minds as mine always did the day of! it is easy to refashion the silks into a costume.

Playsilks are 35" squares that come in a wonderful variety of colors. They are the best toy to have available for children of all ages.