Colors of the Day


 Steiner talked about rhythm of our days and weeks as being important for growth and developement. He also beilieved that color corresponds with our "feeling" life.

A lovely way to have  rhythm in our lives is to observe and perhaps implement a "color of the day" as is done in Waldorf early childhood settings.

The days go like this:

Monday is purple.

Tuesday is red.

Wednesday is yellow.

Thursday is orange.

Friday is green.

Saturday is blue.

Sunday is white.

Here are some of our summer fun with colors photos.

Ideas to do at your home:

  • wear something that color on it's day
  • eat something new of the color/make a colorful smoothie
  • use a playsilk of the color on your table for dinner
  • find something in naure of the color

What ideas do you have for incorporating color into your days and weeks?

Leave a comment below and enter to win a set of mini-playsilks, one is each of the 7 colors. Wiiner will be chosen August 10, announced here and on Facebook.

Angie Skipper Barrett you win!  Chosen by random number generator. Email me!

sarah [at] sarahssilks [dot] com Look for more give aways soon.



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