More Than Gift Wrap - Furoshiki is an Artful, Sustainable Gift in Itself


How can we present gifts to our loved ones in a way that signifies the deeper meanings behind the act of giving? What could symbolize a honoring of the work involved in crafting or purchasing a special item? Is there a material that could cover a treasure and allow the gift recipient the added delight of unwrapping a surprise?

"Furoshiki!" whispers Shi-Shi the Mulberry Fairy. Ah, yes. We can rediscover the traditional Japanese art of creatively folding cloth to conceal a gift, and transform gift wrap into an artful, sustainable gift in itself.

"Sarah's Silks are especially lovely," explains Shi Shi adding, "Just look at the rainbow of rich playsilk colors: Ruby Reds, Mulberry Purples, and Sky Colored Blues..." The playsilks' square shape offers a perfect starting place for Furoshiki folding, which is much like origami. Here are six beautiful options for using a playsilk or scarf for wrapping your gift:

Printable pdf instructions here

As you wrap your gift, feel the luxurious material move beneath your fingers. Pause for a moment and feel the work and intention that went into crafting this exotic fabric that's been treasured for centuries... Sarah's Silks are spun by silk worms feasting on mulberry trees. Silk farmers planting these trees are reforresting dusty, barren lands in China. Village mothers then gather together to weave and dye the silk threads, and later sit and hand hem the edges of the playsilks. The women take pride in their work as the good wages they earn help them to enroll their children in school while also providing clothing and food for family members.

Across the ocean, the Lee family later reverently receives the silk. After ironing the silk and simply packaging the materials, they pass it on for sale to eager families around the world. Finish folding your cloth and find that you are now ready to present two gifts! The playsilks are beloved as delightful, green, family-made toys. No more tearing through paper and quickly disposing of a wrapping that falls usesly to the floor... your effort and thoughtful choice of coverings now provides a loved one with a new toy or re-usable gift wrap.

"Now I have a gift for you!" says Shi-Shi as she flits around her Mulberry Tree. "Tie one of my hand-drawn cards to your Furoshiki wrapped gift, and it will be even more magical."

Printable pdf instructions here

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