Seri's secret Li-li tale

Mulberry Fairy

Meet Seri—a little silk moth who lives in a Mulberry tree in China. Seri’s friend Shi-shi is the Mulberry fairy. They love to play with silk threads and bits of silk cloth.  

Seri likes to whisper silk tales to Shi-shi when they’re wrapped up in lovely silks, nestled deep in the branches of the Mulberry tree. 

DIY Fairy Mobile


Imagine looking up and seeing a sky full of fairies hovering above you. These are the things that spark a child's imagination. It's so easy to make your very own fairy mobile. This project is great to do with children ages 4-10 or for a friend who's expecting. What a great baby shower gift it would make!

Here's what you need:

Flutter With Creativity :: A Playsilk Giveaway!


Looking for a way to help your little butterflies burst out of their cocoons and enjoy the promise of spring? Look no further. There are so many different games you can invent with playsilks. One of my favorites is the Sleeping Butterfly game. It's so easy to enjoy—the only thing you need is a playsilk. Here's how to play...

Silk Butterfly

Fill Your Pockets Up With Fun


Pockets are secret hideaways for treasured toys. Little pouches that safely carry happiness and joy along for every ride. Watch a child play with them and you'll see that for them, pockets are full of possibility and hope.
There are so many ways you can use pockets to store inspiration and fascination with your children. Here are just a few ways to enjoy a pocket:
    •    Wear one while hiking through nature to collect and store treasures

You're never Too Old To Enjoy Playsilks! Stylist:Katie


Playsilks play in mysterious ways...we know this is true. One minute the kids are playing with them, the next minute we find ourselves playing and imagining all the things each silk might do. You can imagine how happy we are when we learn that we're not the only "older" kids playing with silks.

My friend, Carol, told me for years how her daughter, Katie, enjoys playsilks. I decided it was time to get to the heart of the matter and talk with Katie myself.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the U.S.

Wonderful China

Here's my suggestions for taking part in this many thousand year tradition:

Clean the house - Well, how about we lower the bar a bit? We could just sweep around the front door entryway and make a big deal about sweeping all of last year's "bad luck" right out the door.

Free Play=Healthy Kids


How true it is: when we're relaxed and having fun our true colors shimmer and shine like silk in the wind. While you might think it's okay for adults not to play toooo much, children are another story.
Imaginative play is crucial for a child's development

Discover the Magic Inside Your Child's DIY Fort!


If you've ever built your own secret hideaway, then you can certainly remember all the fun it delivered. It was more than just a place where you could snuggle up inside. There were secrets shared and mysteries solved, stories hatched and dreams declared.

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