More Than Gift Wrap - Furoshiki is an Artful, Sustainable Gift in Itself


How can we present gifts to our loved ones in a way that signifies the deeper meanings behind the act of giving? What could symbolize a honoring of the work involved in crafting or purchasing a special item? Is there a material that could cover a treasure and allow the gift recipient the added delight of unwrapping a surprise?

Green Halloween®!


►Consider creating a Halloween costume with your child this year! It's easy to do with playsilks.

They are versatile, eco-friendly, and demand imagination.

Here are some ideas:

make fairy wings, a superheroe cape, princess dress, head veil, pirate cape and belt,

over your head to be a ghost, and we have seen many a rainbow princess at our Waldorf school's Sprite's Night celebration.

How Silk is Made



Here is a link to a good place to buy some silk worm eggs. It is a very fun project to do with kids, at home or in a classroom. If you don't have any Mulberry trees nearby you should order some mulberry mash from these people too.

Here are some of our silk worms, cocoons, and moths:

Mulberry Fairy

Mulberry Fairy


Rubber Stamping on Playsilks



Talula Belle

Wonderful China

Our dear office dog, Talula. Here she is wearing a mini-rainbow playsilk, running through our abundant dandelion field. 

She is a Havanese dog, originally from Cuba.

Two things I love about Talula are:

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