Lavender Fairy Canopy

Lavender Fairy Canopy — $129.95

Delightful, ringed canopy of silk gauze to hang over a child’s bed or to create a magical play space. Seven feet tall, easily fits over a twin size bed.

Whimsical way to transform a child’s bedroom or playroom.

7 feet tall, the ring is 2 feet across and it spreads out to fit over a twin size bed.

Hang it from the ceiling, spread out the silk, weigh the edges down with blocks or books to create a play space.

This play canopy is made of lavender silk gauze with a sky blue top and silk fairy decoration.

We recommend anchoring the silk to walls when hung over beds; as this gossamer silk is very thin and can tear easily.

To wash, fill bathtub and dip entire silk into water, swish, hang dry.

Includes all necessary hardware, instruction sheet and decorations.