Seconds Grab Bags

Seconds Grab Bags — $45.00

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Sometimes we have dyeing and/or sewing errors, and so as not to waste, we make seconds grab bags, much to the delight of our customers!

These bags truly are "grab" bags in that we can't promise any specific item or color. We can promise that we will make each bag with care and use the best colors and variety we have on any given day. These are seconds and so have flaws. We can't accept returns on these.

You can request an item for your bag on a "wish" list in the messages section when you check out, and we will do our BEST to acccomodate you!

Playsilk Bags include 5 different colored 35" playsilks. No repeats, probably no enchanted playsilks (ie. rainbow)

Fairy bags 

               1 costume piece:

                               fairy skirt /fairy dress/rainbow cape/ wings,

                   a crown or garland

                   and one toy: silk purse, streamer,skytail or magical pet wand

Knight bags

                1 costume piece:emerald/blue or  gold/red knight costume

                a crown 

                and a small toy (skytail,sword or streamer)

Baby Blanket Bags- out of stock

           1 star  blanket and a baby lovey blanket 

Cotton Playcloth Bags-out of stock

                 4 cotton rainbows

           "I just had to write and say how thrilled I am with my order.  The girl's seconds grab bag is amazing!  It is perfect for my 3 yo daughter who is SO into dress ups right now.  She is LOVING the crown, fairy skirt & unicorn wand.  Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful grab bag for her.  I'm excited to give the cape to her little friend for his birthday to help foster his love of make believe! 

Thanks again,