Skytails — $16.95

Spin It! Throw It! Catch It! Fling It!   "Bonkless" rubber ball, Covered in soft batting, covered in silk. It is easy to throw by the tail and does not hurt when you get hit by it. Also will bounce along the ground a few times for more catching chances.


Rainbow Comet and Shooting Star Skytails are a fun and easy throwing and catching toy. Very easy to toss and catch by the silk tail.

Rainbow comet is a red stuffed ball with a rainbow tail.

Shooting star is a stuffed golden star with a star print tail. temporarily out of stock until Nov. 30. You can order it and we will ship to you before Christmas.

Both toys are made with a bouncy ball inside the stuffing.




Warning: Choking Hazard Toy contains a small ball    Not for children under 3 years