Keeping the Joy in Work and Play


Many of us, as adults, have a strong feeling of separation between our work and play. Work may be thought of as a more dreaded must-do activity; play something we do on our weekends and free time.  By incorporating the essense of creative play into our work we are happier and more productive people. Putting more of ourselves into each task we do is more fullfilling and soul affirming. Which brings more joy into our lives.

Free Play=Healthy Kids


How true it is: when we're relaxed and having fun our true colors shimmer and shine like silk in the wind. While you might think it's okay for adults not to play toooo much, children are another story.
Imaginative play is crucial for a child's development

Discover the Magic Inside Your Child's DIY Fort!


If you've ever built your own secret hideaway, then you can certainly remember all the fun it delivered. It was more than just a place where you could snuggle up inside. There were secrets shared and mysteries solved, stories hatched and dreams declared.