Fewer Toys=More Engaged Play


"If the child is protected from a lot of hustle and bustle, her natural impulse to be content with less can grow as a habit pattern for life."~Nancy Blanning. On Little Children and Simplicity.

It is a good idea to give thoughtful consideration to the "stuff" in our lives. In our family we strive to have simple beautiful things in our home, for our meals and for our children to play with. When the boys were little they liked to be near me so we made a little corner of our kitchen/dining area for them to play in. Now they still live beuatifully on a corner shelf, my "grandma/auntie" collection.

Photo from The Garden of Enchantment

Some things we did:

  • Bought baskets at a thrift store and sorted toys into them.
  • Rolled up the playsilks onto simple bookshelves. Inspired by watching how they cloths are carefully folded and rolled by the children in kindergarten.
  • Read Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, who reminds us fewer toys=more engaged play.

Top 10 favorite toys in our corner are:

  1. 2 soft dolls
  2. wooden blocks and some planks
  3. playsilks (I am biased here!)
  4. playclips
  5. playframes to build "houses", shops and forts
  6. wooden animals
  7. a wooden boat
  8. a ball
  9. rocks with "crystal" qualities
  10. building cloths/sheets

What toys are on your kids top 10?

Leave a comment below and enter to win a set of three playsilks, for your play "corner".


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